Grilled Sea Scallops Recipe: Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard

I used to think healthy eating was hard. Turns out I was wrong. Cooking a healthy dinner {like this grilled sea scallops recipe} takes less than half an hour from … [Read More]

You Deserve to be Thanked!!

When was the last time you were thanked for doing your job? You might be laughing or rolling your eyes because if you work for a corporation, the answer is probably … [Read More]

Are weight loss dietary supplements the magic pill you’ve been waiting for?

Are weight loss dietary supplements the magic pill you've been waiting for? Once and for all you are ready to shed those pounds and you've been thinking of using a … [Read More]

These 5 Rules of Creating Affirmations Will Quickly Get You Focusing on What Counts

Creating affirmations is an art that gets you thinking about the right stuff. Have you ever noticed that you are thinking about all the things you don't want to … [Read More]

Daily Positive Affirmations Give You What You Want

I use daily positive affirmations first thing in the morning because it changes your mindset for the whole day ahead. Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to … [Read More]

Wondering How to Keep Healthy?

The better question is 'how to keep healthy' NOT 'how to lose weight' which is what I hear most of the time. Realize that your health is a lifelong decision made one … [Read More]

You Deserve Optimal Health and Energy

Every woman deserves to have optimal health and energy. The thing is that no one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter.  You have to grab it for … [Read More]

Easy Shrimp Scampi Recipe That Looks Like a Restaurant Meal

This easy shrimp scampi recipe comes to your rescue if you need an easy dinner idea at a moment's notice () and the best part is that it looks like it came from a … [Read More]

Do You Already Know How to Be Healthy?

I know you're wondering how to be healthy because this is on the minds of just about every woman who walks this earth. The thing is that you probably already know … [Read More]

Refresh Your Mind, Body and Soul

The ocean is one of the best places to rest and refresh your mind, body and soul. This is because being near the ocean touches so many of your senses at once. It is … [Read More]

The Art of Happiness: Not as Hard as You Think

Tapping into the art of happiness is not as difficult or elusive as it might seem. It isn't something to pursue but rather a decision to be made right now. Happiness … [Read More]

Money and Happiness: Does Money Make You Happy?

I've been thinking about money and happiness lately and how having or not having money can seem to make you happy or unhappy. Having gratitude for the money you do … [Read More]

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